Saturday, May 17, 2008


MY honey, MrC has done such a wonderful job of building raised beds and a fence surrounding my new vegetable garden. He also surprised me, for Mother's Day, with an arched entryway into the garden, upon which I plan on growing a clematis up each side. The only thing left to do is to build the gate and install it.
WHAT A GUY !!!!!! He does so much for me and I sure do appreciate it all, and love him dearly for it.
MrC says all the Broccoli from the garden will be will be worth all the hard work. This is a joke between us as he can't stand broccoli.



i'm curious: why do you need to build a fence and gate to enter your garden???

hostagirl said...

Your veggies are going to taste so yummy! Your garden area is looking wonderful. I loved mrc's surprise of the archway...what a great idea.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

What a guy, indeed! That looks great!!

(I need him to come over to my place for a weekend!)

Coll said...

Wow.. what a great job. I am guessing you have deer out your way. I too need a fence around my garden but it is more for keeping the rabbits and dogs out of the veggie patch.

keewee said...

Mediterranean Kiwi, we live on 10 acres in a rural area so we need the fence to keep the deer and rabbits out of the garden.

Anonymous said...

well, like I said yesterday during my visit, "Gosh, That's wonderful"! I need to do something on that order at my house, no Deer, just a DoggyBoy that 'LOVES" to gnaw on anything new & different in the yard.