Wednesday, July 02, 2008

If you were wondering

Gosh, It looks as though I have grown too lazy to post on a regular basis, but believe me this is not true. Now the warm weather has finally arrived, I have been spending more time outdoors in my garden, along with working at my job.
My vegetable garden is coming along nicely, now the temperature had risen and we are getting more hours of sunshine. I have spread a layer of Llama beans over the garden beds which can be used directly in the garden without danger of burning plants. One of my clients I work with, has two llamas and her handyman bags all the llama manure and wood shaving from their stalls. I asked Mrs S. who used to be an avid gardener before her illness, about the llama manure and she told me about the benefits of it's use in the garden, and says I can take as many of these bags of llama beans as I want. Today, the trunk of my car will be filled with as many bags of llama doo as will fit and my flower gardens will benefit from an application tomorrow on my day off.

Yesterday I drove up the Island to
Oak harbor and while looking around
the garden department of KMart
I found a beautiful hanging begonia
called Bonfire begonia and it was
marked down to $5.99,
of course you know I had to buy one.

these plants had just arrived
in the store so they reduced the price
as it is late in the season.

I also bought two beautiful Heliotrope.
What first attracted me to this plant
was the vibrant purple color,
then I caught a whiff of the
light, almost vanilla like fragrance.

There is always room for an extra plant or two in my garden, or I will make room *grin*

I did arrive home this afternoon with five more bags of llama beans, which will be spread over the flower gardens.
So you see I really have been busy, and not sitting around eating bon bons and watching TV all day.


Phyllis said...

Hiya Keewee!!
Did you go to the fireworks last night in Freeland? I missed them. I was too tired to go.
I'm listening to Oak Harbors go off right now.

keewee said...

Hi Phyllis, we sat on our bed and watched all the wonderful fireworks down on Useless Bay. Those folks sure know how to have fun.

hostagirl said...