Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I didn't have to make lemonade after all

Well, all the woes with my car turned out OK. A friend of mine drove me to my first job then on the way back we stopped to see what progress had been made by Ben, my mechanic, in fixing the Buick. What a guy! he had it all done and it was ready for me to drive it away. Ben told me that I was fortunate indeed in making it to his garage, as the problem was a burned out camshaft sensor and the car would not start for him in the morning, so he did the repair right where I had parked it.
Mr C is back from Holland and had a grand time, he is now busy getting the RV ready for our annual trip to Bank's Lake (Near Grand Coulee Dam). We were going to leave Friday morning, but as my am client had canceled for tomorrow, we will leave as soon as I have the RV packed. I am so looking forward to getting away for a little R&R. Mr C has our fishing gear ready, I have plenty of good food, a bottle of wine and a book to read, ready to go into the RV tomorrow.
See you when we get back.


bettyl said...

Wish I were going with you! Have a great time!

DirtCrashr said...

Camshaft sensor? Cars these days, sheesh! :-)

keewee said...

Dirtcrashr, theses days it get to be a real pain in the butt every time something goes wrong with a car as everything is computerized. Not like yesteryear when things were simple.