Thursday, October 18, 2007

Range day in Reno

On Saturday before driving out to the Palomino Valley Gun Club for a day of shooting many different guns, most of us went back to Flavors for a buffet breakfast. This being our third day in Reno and my having eaten way too much last night at the seafood buffet, and the previous two days, I was not feeling overly hungry. I decided to tag along with MrC as he made his selection from the buffet and had him place a small muffin on his plate so I would at least have something to go with my coffee. As I was snacking on the delicious muffin I heard a waiter ask, " anyone for some champagne?" "Yes please" I said, and was given a small glass of the bubbly stuff. There is nothing quite like a bran muffin, orange juice, coffee and champagne to start the morning, right? *chuckle*
Off to the range we drove, paid our fees and set up for a day of fun. MrC and I did not bring any guns of our own to Reno, but there were plenty there to shoot.

There were many shooters lined up at the stations at this very nice facility.

Chris setting the sights on the target

Chuck Zeigenfuss, our guest of Honor at the banquet Saturday evening. More about this wonderful young man in my next post.

Notice how far out some of those targets are, and there are more you cannot see in the far distance. US Citizen had a 50 caliber conversion on an AR-15 which was hitting a 12" target at 965 yards, that is around half a mile. When I was standing about six feet behind and to the right of the gun when it was fired, I swear the concussion parted my hair. It was awesome indeed and when MrC asked if I would like to shoot it, I was thankful he was just joking.

Fodder shooting his 45 caliber Thompson Tommy gun, which I got to shoot, and had a blast, pun intended.

Larry has just fired one down range.

Mel getting her sight picture before blasting a few holes in the target.

Is MrC having way too much fun or what?

Joe Huffman of Boomershoot fame, well at least the back of the tee shirt he was wearing.

Kevin appears to have plenty of ammo to keep him busy for a while!!

After a fantastic day of shooting, we packed up and returned to Circus Circus to make ready for our banquet.

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