Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reno-day four

I have not been posting, as we have been way too busy running around, and generally having a great time.
I never thought the day would arrive, when I would voluntarily skip breakfast, but today was the first. There is a very good buffet where we have been enjoying a healthy breakfast and then dinner, then last evening we had our banquet. OMG waaaaay too much food for me. This morning, many of the bloggers and spouses were to meet for breakfast, but the thought of more food made me feel nauseous, so I stayed up in our room and MrC went down and probably ate my share as well as his own.
The weather is beautiful, so Mrc and I are meeting up with friends in 30 minutes, to go and visit the automobile museum then for a walk along the river. I have taken many pictures and will be taking more to show you when we arrive back home.
We will be back home Monday evening, so I should have something for you to see probably Wednesday.

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cassie-b said...

I think that good times should always come ahead of blogging. But it's nice that you got a chance to post.

I get tired of eating other people's food after a while. I'm good for about 3 days, and then all I want is a tuna sandwich.