Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yaaaay The Weekend Is Here

You may be asking "why is she so excited about the weekend?" well, I no longer have to work Saturdays which gives me ALL weekend to pursue my hobbies.

Originally the other Desk Diva and I shared working half days on Saturday and Fridays, meaning we were at the spa four or five days respectivly, we had a discussion and have decided that I will now work just Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Today Mr. Completely and I are heading out to the range to practice for the first upcoming "steel challenge". I am not sure if I am going to like shooting steel challenge as it does involve, at times, moving from target to target. I will defer my decision until I have been to a few challenges.
It will be easier to describe what a steel challenge match is all about, with a few pictues, so I will take my camera along this afternoon.

I am off to the kitchen to cook us a good warming breakfast to get us through the cold morning. I am also, going to buy some warm insulated underwear, I have never worn long underwear before, but last year I was so cold at the shoots and swore I will not be that cold this time around.

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