Saturday, May 13, 2006

Best Laid Plans.

Our day started out being startled from sleep by the alarm clock at 5:40am. We were going to Kitsap for a steel plate challenge match. We did not get to the range.
Mr. C has the story HERE
After we arrived back home, I spent the day working in the garden moving topsoil to a new garden and getting it ready to edge with rocks.
It seemed not too long ago, I could work in the garden from dawn to dusk and would not feel tired until the end of the day. Now I need to take a break after about three hours, gee! I must be growing older!


Dragonfly said...

I really enjoyed Mr.C,s
story - what a disappointment
for you guys.

Dragonfly said...

An age thing!?
No Keewee,
It,s back to the labours of
Love - hard work, but sooo

Marsha said...

I thinkin....Keewee is not old. Maybe you need to eat some of my dad's liver and onions and homemade biscuits because that always gave me an extra boost.