Sunday, May 07, 2006

Home from the range

The weather kept many shooters at home. There were seven iron sight shooters and six optical sight shooters. I shoot optical.

I am all bundled up against the cold wind and the few spots of rain, gritting my teeth and trying for that *pling* sound as lead hits steel. I am shooting a Beretta U22 Neos, probably for the last time at a match as the new gun Mr. C has bought for me will be here within the next few days.

I then have to practice everyday this week getting used to the feel of the new gun and the different positions of the magazine and slide release and the safety, as next weekend there is a match at the Kitsap range, and I prefer to look as though I know what I am doing.

There were quite a lot of *pling* sounds, but not as many as I was wanting to hear. Dang! I really wanted to shoot better than I did, but Mr. C reminded me that when the weather is crummy, just the better shooters seem to turn up at a match, so I was shooting against the best. I was fifth out of six shooters.

Mr. C did well, with first place in iron sight and first place in optical. We start out at 10 yards with 4 inch steel plates, then move back four stations with larger plates at each one.
We did have a fun time and I look forward to shooting my new gun soon.


Rivrdog said...

Aside from the fact that Mr. C uses finicky electronic sights, he seems to have the technique of shooting from behind the left side of a wall down pat.

What will he do if the wall ends on the right side and the bad guys are out there?

And he has no more little watch batteries for his electric sight?

You shoot because your life may depend on it someday. You practice like you want to be able to shoot.

That's iron sights, in good light and bad, in good weather and bad, and in all positions, good and bad.

Your friend, "back to the basics" Rivrdog.

Marsha said...

Wow, you shoot. I have occassionally wondered what it would be like to shoot a gun. At a target, not a person : )

keewee said...

In defense Of MR.C If he comes up against a *bad guy* he will not have a racegun with electric sights that uses little watch batteries, and he will not be in his competition stance. I for one would not like to be the one facing him!!!!
Nuff Said.

Rivrdog said...

Nor I, but as a card-carrying Luddite, I have to have some fun with the gun-techs.