Friday, May 19, 2006

Rocket Fuel

Rocket loves to play with this orange plastic covered piece of wire. Every once in a while it is nowhere to be seen, then Rocket will come by with it in his mouth, drops it in clear view, meows and gives us *the look*

We have figured out this *expression* means, "you throw the wire down the hallway or across the room and I will chase after it." Once in a while Rocket will delight us by picking up the wire in his mouth, bringing it back to us, and dropping it at our feet waiting for us to toss it once again.

It takes a huge amount of 'rocket fuel' - kitty food, to keep him running.


Dragonfly said...

Aaaah that,s so sweet.
There,s a bit of doggy
in that kitty.
My cheeky dog can,t stand
cats, maybe this is a match
made in heaven, I can see
the pair chasing after a
piece of plastic wire.
L O L!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful cat.