Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today I got to try out my new gun at a bowling pin top match. This past week Mr.C put in a great deal of time going over the gun making it *Keewee friendly* which meant a couple of modifications to make it easier for me to use.

Mr.C also worked on *fine tuning* the magazines as they were picky on which ammo we used. It seemed some brands of ammo fed through just fine then others would hang up. We put many rounds through and were satisfied with our choice of ammo.

I must say, my new, but 40 year old, High Standard model 103 Sport King with a sharp shooter barrel, is a fine accurate weapon and is a joy to shoot. It is going to take me a while to retrain my *muscle memory* from Beretta to High standard. I may have done a little better today in the match if I had been a more familar with the Magazine release, I did fumble which cost me valuable time, however, I did manage to place 4th out of eight shooters in optical, Mr. C placed 3rd in optical and 1st in Iron sight.

Unfortuately, I also had ammo problems so Mr.C gets to do some more gunsmithing. Once all the kinks are worked out and I am comfortable with shooting the High Standard, THEN it will a whole lot more fun.


Dragonfly said...

Go Keewee Go!!
Thank you for sharing that
lovely picture.
Here,s hoping your new gun
won,t suffer the same
threats as my Handy LOL!!!

Dragonfly said...

Oh! I,m such a "terror" when
it comes to something new &
different. We all like a
change, but it can cause grief
at times *sigh*
ie. a new Mobile or Cell
phone (Handy is European
Last year I wanted to place
my new Siemens Handy on the
Tram line - outta pure
frustration LOL!!
now we,re old friends.
I won,t mention what all the
PC got up to (aliens) ha ha ha

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Hi-Standards are so picky about ammo (at least the ones I've seen).
They are great shooters, though!!

Happy shooting, keewee!!!