Friday, November 17, 2006

Beer-B-Q Links

Your friends and family are at your home on Thanksgiving day and you are looking for easy to fix snacks to keep them going before dinner is served.

2-3 lbs. Little Smokies
1 1/2 cans beer
1 (280z.) jar B-B-Q sauce
1 tbsp. prepared mustard
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp. ketchup

Place Smokies and beer in a skillet, cover and simmer 10 minutes.

Drain Smokies and place in crockpot. ( I keep the 1/2 can beer aside to use if the sauce becomes a little too thick) or drink it. I hate to see anything go to waste.

Mix B-B-Q sauce, mustard, vinegar, brown sugar and ketchup and pour over Smokies.
(I preheat this mixture (in a glass bowl) in the microwave for about a minute to give it a head start)

Turn cooker to low, and provide your guests with toothpics to eat the Smokies.

Happy snacking.

For those of you in other countries who do not know what Little Smokies are: they are small cocktail sausages.

Here are some more recipes:

Little Smokies in orange sauce

Little Smokies in Chili and grape sauce

Little Smokies Appetizers


Keith said...

I'm afraid that we in Britain are not familiar with 'Thanksgiving Day' and the use of "Smokies" like you good people in the colonies.

In fact "smokies" here is a slang term for cigarettes. I did put some "fags" in the skillet with some Guinness, but the stench was appalling, and I found the cigarettes (smokies) too tough to chew!

edt said...

Whats a smokie please?...regards from the Antipodes 20C 1010hPa 65% humidity Sunny calm(for a change) spring sunday morning 9:22am.

Anonymous said...

thats great its like having Christmas twice

Janet from Tucson said...

A "smokie" is a small, spicy, smoked-tasting sausage. If you follow either of the links you will see a picture of them. I don't remember when I lived in the UK a comparable product but any of the recipes would work nicely with similar-tasting sausage cut into bite-sized pieces.

As for Thanksgiving, see here