Sunday, November 26, 2006

A day in the life of Keewee

Give me a show of hands of all of you who sometimes don't know what to blog about. Yep, I see all those hands. I also have felt a lack of creativity for the last few days. I suppose we can always blog about the weather.

I am looking out of the den window at the weather here on the south end of Whidbey Island. It is lousy, rain/snow shower mix, with a very cold wind whipping the last of the leaves from the trees.

It certainly is a good day to stay indoors, though I do see the bird feeders are empty, and just because it is cold, and I really do not want to go outside, the birds need to eat too, so I will brave the cold long enough to get the feeders filled for our regular visitors.

Rocket, our cat, wants the feeders filled too. His favorite past time is to sit by the window watching the birds squabble over the seed, and the rabbits who eat any seed which has fallen to the ground.

You all have a good Sunday, and stay dry and warm.

UPDATE 2:42pm

Here is what we are seeing NOW.

I wonder how much snow we will have by morning.


gincoleaves said...

Weather wise we've been lucky, it's still pleasantly warm - almost too warm to wear a coat, we'll probably pay the price for enjoying such lovely temps at a later stage, LOL!
Keewee, the next time I don't know what to blog about I will be thinking of this last week and this week-end, 'cause all I wanted to do was BLOG- and the computer is playing up, LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

we have been warm as well no jumpers yet but I think like Ginco it will change.
I have the same feelings as well ,, don't want to bore people but sometimes nothing happens apart from the old hamster wheel of life.

Bibi said...

I've been so blocked on everything (still am) not just blogging. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just forget it all. Love the snow pixs!

Mary Lou said...

Got your power back on yet? I called you right back but got the answering machine, so figured you were on the phone.

gincoleaves said...

Those snowy pics are lovely, looks like you're also in for a white Christmas!!

edt said...

I'll 'see' your snow, and bet our spring hail of yesterday ;) The garden was completely white an a matter of minutes. Regards from NZ.

Coll said...

I love the photos of your yard. What a lovely view.. snow and all.

Anonymous said...

great snow pix