Friday, November 17, 2006

The second of many more hikes

Yesterday was a beautiful calm morning after the storm on Tuesday and power outage we had experienced all Wednesday. I was ready to get out for my second hike with the Senior Striders.

The Senior Striders gathered at the Bayview Senior Center before driving to The Chinook Conference and Retreat Center for our hike on the trails through this beautiful area. (stay on the link for the retreat center for a minute to enjoy the slide show of this lovely facility)

The wind has blown many of the leaves from the trees before they could show their fall beauty

Suzie, Cheryl, Helen, Carmi, Joyce
There were a number of fallen trees, a couple of them across the trail.

Our new Sanctuary has been described by one poetic guest as a place "where the echoes of the forest meet the stillness of the heart and the spaciousness of Spirit." Master crafted from sustainably harvested regional timber, and designed for sacred space, this 1450 sq. ft. building encourages inner stillness and mindfulness. Appropriate uses for the Sanctuary include sacred gathering, services or ritual, music, prayer, or meditation.

Inside the sanctury is this amazing wall screening the entry into the inner sanctury.
It is cut from one log.

The labyrinth.
OOPS! sorry I had my camera set on macro .

One of the many kinds of fungi growing in the woods.

Walking and chatting. Chatting and walking. We have a lot of fun walking the trails and getting to know a little about each other.

The ferns in this area are so beautiful. You find the very large clumps of tough looking ferns growing alongside the trails and these delicate ferns snd with moss growing on the tree trunks.

I eagerly look forward to each Thursday morning to see where we will be exploring next. We are indeed blessed to live on beautiful Whidbey Island.


Coll said...

I so love hikes like this and am envious of the luxuriant landscape.

Phyllis said...

Hey, I know Helen!!
Tell her hello for me!! She's a sweetie!
We need to get together with Dick in Mount Vernon soon and meet him and his new heartthrob!!

Riannan said...

What a beautiful place you inhabit!

gincoleaves said...

I can understand why you look forward to Thursdays keewee! Nothing more revitalizing as a hike in the woods.
Whidbey Island is just so beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday morning...good friends, and beautiful wilderness! I envy all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Boletus, (the mushroom), but can't be sure with only seeing the cap.

mary lou said...

Where is this place? Is it down off the rd to Langley? It is pretty! Have you taken the trip around Boman's Bay in Deception Pass Park yet? That one is very nice and pretty.

keewee said...

Mary Lou, you turn right onto Maxwelton as you head towards the ferry, then take another right, can't remember the name of the road.
I will have to mention Boman's bay to the group.

Phyllis said...

It's on Campbell Road. You can get there from Maxwelton Road or Cultus Bay Road. I've been there. There's alot of neat places to visit here, isn't there?
Of course one of my favorites is Mt Erie!