Monday, November 06, 2006

Nasty weather today

We have a very nasty day to get through in the Pacific Northwest.
There are flood warnings, due to record rains, roads closed in places, trees down. The unusually warm winds reported to reach perhaps 62F in some areas, gusting 20-40mph.

On the Island, we could experience power outages as the ground becomes sodden with rain and unstable. Trees can be blown down. The last few years there have been fewer outages due to many trees being cleared away from the power lines.

We are prepared in this home, we do have our emergency supplies on hand.

Today, I will be happily finishing my five day stretch at work, where it is warm and quiet, then I will have six days off to rest and get back to feeling well again.


hostagirl said...

HEY GIRLFRIEND!!!! I am finally back on line!! Gosh, I have really missed you. I will send an email later this evening if possible. Much love to you, Hostagirl!!!!

Phyllis said...

I hope you are staying dry tonight! I am cuddled in here at home. I have to go to Burlington tomorrow for a meeting. I'll get to see the floods over there!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Stay dry!
You have our prayers!!