Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jack Frost Is Visiting

We have woken to the third frosty morning in a row, this one being the heaviest frost so far Brrrrrr!

I picked up my camera and stepped out the front door, crunched my way across the crisp grass, and snapped pictures of the nearst frost covered objects, my car and a roll of garden edging I had not put away yet *shiver*. You don't think I was going to wander around in the cold looking for that perfect picture do you? Sheesh, I was still in my robe and slippers.

So, did you all survive halloween? and how much left over candy do you get to put on your hips,*smile* We live off the beaten track, so do not have trick'n'treaters coming to the door, therefore no leftover candy. Another good reason to live in a rural area.


Mary Lou said...

I turned out the lights, and went into the back room to watch tv. I am such a grump anymore!

No left over candy either. LOLOL

gincoleaves said...

You are definately ahead of us with the cold - no frost here yet, but today was freezing cold!

marsha said...

Lots of candy retrieved from the the way it's still warm here in Phoenix wait it did dip down into the 60's one day last week.

Rivrdog said...

Hips? Who's got hips? All those sugar calories go to my Front Porch.

Anonymous said...

We had our first frost today, I love it.


Coll said...

Frost can be so beautiful.
And it is better than snow.. any day. :-)