Sunday, June 10, 2012

A short break is better than none at all

 On the day we arrived At Coulee Playland Resort at Banks Lake, the weather was not at all like we are used to. Usually the temperatures were up in the 70's with clear blue skies. This time it was cool enough for wearing a warm jacket, and the forecast wasn't for much warmer temperatures until we were due to leave for home.

 The view from the back window of our RV. 
I sat on the bed and enjoyed relaxing while reading a book. The guys went out fishing, that is as soon as the wind died down to where they could take the boat out.

 The wind did calm down enough in the early evening so we could enjoy sitting around a campfire swapping stories, cooking hotdogs, and topping it off with roasted marshmallows.

 This year it was a very small turnout but I believe the guys liked to sit around the campfire exchanging stories. Late last night around 11:30pm we had just crawled into bed after chowing down on all the potluck goodies, when we heard waves breaking on the shore, so Mr C dressed and went outside to see what was up. Not only had a very strong wind risen, but the water in the lake was up by a foot or more due to water being released back into the lake. Our friend Dale had his bass boat tied up in front of our camping area close to a stone wall and it was in danger of being smashed against the rocks due to the action of the wind and waves, so Dale, Mike and Wayne manhandled the boat along the shore to a safer position where it was securely tied up for the night.

 Next morning, the sun was shining (of course it was, we were due to leave for home today) but there still was a cool breeze blowing. This camping trip really wasn't very much fun at all, the best that can be said is, that we were away from the telephone and business issues which have plagued us for the past couple of months. I guess a couple of days away from the mayhem were better than nothing.

As we made our way home, we passed about a dozen or so beautiful vintage cars. I suppose they belonged to a vintage car club.
Thankfully, our drive home was uneventful and we arrived home tired and wondering what the next few days would bring.
This coming Friday we will be in California competing in the West Coast Steel Challenge, I know we will have warm weather down there, perhaps too warm for my liking.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

We are going to find some sun

Kite boarder enjoying a ride on the choppy waters of Useless Bay.

Mr C has had a rough time of it the past two months as he has software ( liquor sales system) out there in the market place, which has had to have some major changes made to it, so he has been working until all hours of the morning for weeks on programming, so the software would be ready for the stores to use June first. Yes, many of you will know what happened here in WA State on June first. There are still small 'bugs' showing up to be dealt with but it seems, we hope, the huge problems are done with.
The phone has been 'red hot' with his customers calling for help, ordering new supplies etc. but finally, the calls have dwindled to a couple a day and as it happens to be our Fishin' Club's weekend camping outing at Banks Lake, we have the RV standing by to be loaded for a nice quiet few days away from the mayhem.
Poor Mr C is so darn tired he can hardly move, so it will be good for him to get away, sit on the bank of the lake and enjoy some fishing. Be nice for me too, to be away from the constant telephone calls, the long hours Mr C puts in (I don't sleep well when he is not beside me)  I am not much of a fan of fishing so I have a book to read, a bottle of wine, to enjoy, suntan lotion (providing we find some sun) and my camera to record our mini vacation.
We decided to leave our boat at home this year, for a few reasons. First, there really wasn't time to get it ready, second it was 'buried under a ton of stuff in the barn, due to some renovations which had been done out there, and finally, we usually travel up over the Cascades as Mr C does not like to tow the boat through Seattle and also there is the ferry fare from Whidbey Island to the mainland to consider. Anyhow, this time we will take the faster route over Snoqualmie Pass to our destination.
See You all when we get back. You all have a great weekend.