Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looks like a......

We observed this shark like cloud formation out of our kitchen window.
Kinda looks like a Deep Sea Prickly Shark.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another chore taken care of

So much for taking it easy on my day off work. My car was almost due for an oil change, so instead of waiting a few weeks before getting the job done, I decided to take advantage of the good weather today, and make the drive up to Oak Harbor and get my car taken care of.
MrC and I did some shopping at Walmart while the oil change was being done, filling a shopping cart with cat food, cat litter, bird seed and a few things for us humans. Seems the critters faired quite well on this shopping expedition. I found a few more things to include in the package I am sending to New Zealand for my daughter's 39th birthday in November, and also a Christmas gift. The post office has a pretty good deal, on a flat rate, for a fairly good sized box, which when filled, can weigh up to 20lb. I was surprised at how much I managed to cram into the box.
We stopped at our favorite Chinese buffet and came away with tight tummies, as we always do, made one more stop at the dollar store, where I found a few more goodies I could not live without *grin* Then drove home to unload the car.
Does anyone else have the same feeling of satisfaction when they have placed all the new foods, etc. neatly on the shelves in the pantry or cupboards, perhaps knowing if the power goes out, or some other emergency arises, there will be food and supplies to survive on?
Tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to be in the 60's so perhaps I should get outside and finish up cleaning all the debris from the vegetable and flower gardens. All too soon it will be miserable outdoors and I will hibernate for the winter, sitting by the fire, reading one of the many books. I have been collecting over the summer months.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Words of wisdom from Maxine

Be who you are and say what you feel...

Because those that matter... don't mind...

And those that mind...don't matter.'

Monday, October 20, 2008

Part four of our trip to reno

Sunday, our last full day in Reno before we returned home, MrC and I went with Joe and his wife Barb to do some shopping and sight seeing. We had been told about a new sports goods store, called Scheels, which had recently opened, and was worth a visit. It was the largest store of it's kind I had ever been in.
Here are just some of the things you will find at Scheels There are two 16,000 gallon aquariums, a wildlife mountain, a customer tram transporting you from your car in the huge parking lot, to the store, then back again after you have finished shopping. There is a Ferris wheel, shooting gallery, simulators for soccer, hockey, golf and nascar racing, which MrC would have loved to try out, if there wasn't such a huge crowd waiting, home decor, I could have spent a fortune here, and gift shops, specialized shops for guns and hunting, fishing, running, and fashion sportswear.

Along the front of Scheels were some fabulous bronzes, I believe created by a local artist.

Just inside the main entry, on the second floor of the 295,000 square foot store, a 3/4-size model float plane is suspended overhead.
You could see the plane through the front second floor window, in the picture above, as you approached the store. One of the store employees told Barb and I the history of the original float plane.

When we arrived at Scheels, we were all hungry, so before looking around we ate at the restaurant. I sat facing this painting, and thought it rather eye catching with it's psychedelic colors.
There was a fudge shop nearby, but just too many people waiting, so decided to skip the free samples, and go check out the rest of the store. MrC and Joe went off in one direction and Barb and I paired up, as we knew the guys would spent most of their time in sporting goods, and wouldn't be too interested in clothes or home decor etc. as Barb and I were.

The aquariums were a sight to behold. This is the salt water aquarium, housing many brightly colored fish and corals, though I think the coral was fake. Even so, the aquarium was beautiful.

Yours truly beside the salt water aquarium.

A diver inside the fresh water aquarium, I believe feeding the fish. You get an idea how large these aquariums are by comparing the size of the diver to the tank.

In the center of the store was a Ferris wheel MrC asked if I would like to ride on it. I replied " I won't ride on one outdoors, what makes you think this one is any different?" *grin*

From the second floor you are looking at some of the specialty stores, and the crowds enjoying them.

On the second floor there are fourteen fairly life like, animated models of past Presidents.

The trophy mounted wild life was fabulous, and quite realistic in it's setting.

These fellas are huge.

MrC and Joe checking out all the goodies.

Am I majestic or what?

Another wonderful display of wild life.

This trolley is one in which you could get a ride back to your car, or to the store from the far reaches of the parking lot. The parking lot was very large so for anyone who had difficulty getting around or had many packages to return to their vehicle, then this trolley is a very nice customer service feature.

For our last evening meal in Reno we ate at The Black Bear Diner.
The food was excellent as was the company.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reno..... part three

Saturday evening was our pizza feed and prize drawing. This year we had some pretty amazing donated prizes. Everyone attending went home with a prize, whether is was one of the major prizes or a door prize. There were two guns, two training certificates, two range bags, shirts, caps and many other prizes.

Many thanks to all our sponsors and contributors.
Para USA, Hi Point Firearms, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Brownells, Volquartsen Custom, Hi Cap Gunworks, Crimson Trace, the NRA, and Linoge of Walls of the city who donated a training certificate for Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Over pizza, beer, soda, wine and other beverages there was much talk and laughter.

This being out third year of the rendezvous, we renewed friendships, and made new ones. It seems we are becoming quite a family, and eagerly look forward to greeting each other and having fun every year.

This year was T's, of Ride Fast & Shoot Straight birthday, so of course we had to sing happy birthday, while he blew out the candle on a pan of brownies his lovely lady Betty made. MrC presented him with a wire toothbrush. *chuckle*

Elizabeth draws the first number for a gun from Para USA

Packing Rat was extremely happy to win the gun, especially being as he did not have anything at all like it. Just look at that smile.

US citizen of Traction Control, also was the lucky winner of a gun donated by Hi Point Firearms

I am sure David is going to find plenty to fit in his new range bag donated by brownells.

Nice shirt Joe. It is going to look very nice on you *grin*
Shirt kindly donated by Dirtcrashr of Anthroblogogy

After all the prizes had been given away, many of the group sat around and talked until almost midnight. As I recall, I gave up and went back to our room to get some rest.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Part two GBR trip Reno Nevada

Friday evening we all went to dinner at Louis' Basque Corner. I am all for trying something new, but this time was a little disappointed, in that I thought it could have been a little more authentic. The bread they served was just an ordinary French loaf sliced and placed in a basket, whereas I was looking for more of an artisan crusty type of bread. I will say, my order of lamb was very good, tender and tasty. They also served French fries which I thought an odd choice, and dessert was just a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce.
To quote MrC. "Not bad, not great, over priced, but interesting anyway"

The menu consisted of clam bisque, salad, mussels on rice, Basque beans, salmon, top sirloin steak, leg of lamb, french fries.
Ice cream for dessert. Also complimentary wine.

Saturday was range day for those of the group who wanted to go shoot all kinds of guns. I elected to stay behind and spend my time wandering around the Italian street fair which was held adjacent to Circus Circus where we were staying. I was thankful I had packed my down coat, as there was a very brisk breeze.

I took this photo from the steps leading to a stage where grape stomping competitions were held through out the day. As I made my way further along the street the crowds were elbow to elbow all looking at the various booths or lined up at one for some of the delicious food being offered. I did buy one cannoli which was filled with a creamy ricotta, chocolate chip, dried fruit mix, then rolled in powdered sugar. It was delicious.

Many of the Italian families, had a booth where they were cooking their own special family spaghetti recipe. You could buy a bowl of plain pasta for $1, then go around all the booths and sample all the different spaghetti recipes.

Lots of gaily decorated oil, vinegar and lotion bottles.

The children were enjoying being entertained by this fellow making balloon animals etc.

One of the booths selling calamari, garlic bread and a deep fried bread, a little like a doughnut.

I wish I had been hungry enough to have one of the pizza like sandwiches these folks were offering. A flat bread which had been toasted on the grill, had some kind of sauce spread on it, then thinly slice grilled beef, and finally layers of tomatoes onions and greens.

Not exactly my kind of music, but it was fun and added to the atmosphere.

The winners of the grape stomping event raising their arms in victory.
This was a fun event to watch. There was one person doing the stomping and their partner was holding a jug under the spout to collect all the juice, while using their free hand to clear all the grape stems and skins from the screen in front of the spout.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Part one GBR trip to Reno Nevada

Our trip to Reno for the third annual Gun Blogger rendezvous , was the best yet. Every day was filled with fun things to do for everyone. I must admit my eyes start to glaze over after very much talk on guns, so I left the guys to discuss guns and shooting, and took myself off to the casinos. Just for the record, I did not come home with any winnings.
My report on the trip will be of the things I found interesting.
in the Circus Circus On Thursday evening we attended a NRA press conference. No big news,no surprises. NRA to endorse McCain/Palin. Obama is anti gun. Afterwards we all enjoyed dinner at Smokin' Gecko's MrC and I had finger lickin' tasty ribs.

Friday we went on a tour of Cabela's. What an impressive store.

The gun library was very classy indeed, with many quite expensive guns for the serious gun collector. Also some guns which were of a reasonable price. MrC bought a new gun for his collection.

If you have $30, 000 this gun could be yours, and it was on sale marked down from $39,999.99
What a deal Eh?

I spent quite a lot of time watching the fish in this lovely aquarium.

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the animals of Africa, so seeing all these fabulous animals in Cabela's, I felt I had been on an African safari.
There were many, many more animals I could have taken pictures of but I had to draw the line somewhere.

It looks as though he is telling you to "back off, this is my zebra and I'm not sharing"

You wouldn't want to meet up with this boar, those tusks could do some serious damage.

What a gentle sweet face.

Such tiny eyes for such a large animal.

Two more beautiful animals.

Now there's a mouth full of teeth.

We had to stop in at the general store, and taste some of the different kinds of fudge. Of course I had to buy a couple of small pieces.

When we departed Cabela's we were surprised to find that it had snowed.

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