Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Deer Oh! dear

They can be so cute, but oh! so destructive in the garden. These photos were taken at a friend's house, who throws out bird seed for the birds and the deer. The fawns are so cute, and were very nervous so I had to take photos through the window so the quality is not so good.

Monday, June 10, 2013

We had a wonderful camping/fishing weekend

This past weekend, some of the members of our Fishin'Club, made the annual trek to Banks Lake, eastern Washington, for our camping/fishing weekend. The weather was nice and warm, the fishing was the best and all had a good time.
Our group camp spot from along the shore
 photo taken as we were leaving to go fishing.

Let's see how big this one is?

Two happy fishermen

This one has to be at least 20 inches long

One big wiggle and this one would have escaped the hook

Fabulous catch.
These three were cooked and eaten at our Saturday afternoon potluck

Time to sit around after a long day

Good company and toasted marshmallows is hard to beat

A nice crunchy golden brown  please