Friday, July 31, 2009

Ahhh! relief from the heat

I'm over all my whining about the heat, as it was a more reasonable 82 degrees here at our house today. It has been nice to be able to get outside and get a little gardening done.
Earlier this evening, I spent time pulling out all the peas which were past producing, and tomorrow morning I am going to plant a fall crop of peas, scarlet runner beans, spinach, beets, and lettuce.

I sure had an audience as I worked in the garden. Three rabbits were almost climbing the fence looking for a handout. You should have seen the excitement from them when I threw some of the pea vines over the fence. One rabbit even went so far, as to grab a whole vine and run, I mean hop off with it, and hide under one of our vehicles to eat it.
Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be 75 F so it should be a pleasant day to be out doors.
You all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Whine, whine whine

It is too "bleeping" hot to do much of anything. I have weeds in the garden needing my attention, a dishwasher which needs emptying, blogging to catch up on and a myriad of other chores calling my name. This Kiwi just can't function when the temperatures are in the 90's I am about as limp as a wilted piece of lettuce. We don't have air conditioning in our home here as it really doesn't stay hot for extended periods, but this week will be hot all week. Sheesh!!!!
Last Friday morning we drove to Idaho for the Eddy Brown Memorial steel challenge match. You can read about our adventures HERE
On the 12th of August we fly down to Piru CA for the World Steel Challenge. I will not be shooting in this match, but MrC will. I guess this heat wave we are experiencing is acclimatizing us to the heat we will have to bear when in Piru.
That is about all for now, I am going to get a nice cold drink and see if there is anywhere cooler than this spot in front of my PC.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Talk to them and

they will be friends.

Any time I went outdoors and saw any of the wild rabbits, I would talk to them. Imagine my surprise, a couple of days ago, when this little guy/girl came right up to me as I was doing some gardening. I slowly made my way inside, and asked Mr C to bring the camera while I found something I thought the rabbit would like to eat. I knelt on the ground and spoke softly to the little rabbit, trying to entice it to come and eat out of my hand. The picture tells the rest of the story.

Since that day, every time I went outside, this little one, would appear at my feet looking up at me, asking with it's eyes, for food from my veggie garden.

A short time ago I was taking some pictures of flowers for a blog story, when I felt a tickle on my sandaled foot. I very nearly kicked out and squealed thinking it was some kind of bug crawling on my foot, but no, it was Wabbit (new name) nuzzling my foot. Of course I had to pick some peas for Wabbit, which seem to be rabbit candy.

I sat on the ground taking pictures, to show you how unafraid Wabbit is of me.

Isn't he/she a cutie?
I find I am now paying more attention at looking before I step, just in case Wabbit has crept up on me.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Painted Tongue has become one of my favorite flowers. Next year I intend on growing many more, to see how many more of the stunning jewel-like colors there are.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Progress report on our 'baby'

Our furry little friend we are now calling 'our miracle bunny' Most times baby rabbits will die within hours or just a few days of their rescue, but this little one, has defied the odds and is thriving.



We sure do get a kick out of the rabbit's antics. he/she likes to groom Mr C's hands.
I guess that means Mr C is now 'family'.

The quail family

Daddy quail sitting atop a pile of gravel, well at least I think it should be Daddy, watching out for predators, while his family search for food.

I have noticed two quail families which seek the protection of the blackberry bushes near our house. This family, and one other with much younger chicks. I have attempted to take photos of the smaller chicks, but they are very shy, and move faster than I can get the camera ready to take their picture.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

There is alway another side

to seeing things.

As I sat on the porch enjoying a cool drink, I glanced down on to a pot of pansies. Instead of looking at their happy faces, I was looking at the back of some of the flowers, and it was then I realized how interesting flowers look from the back or underside.

If we take the time to really look around us, most times, there is always something we have not noticed before, to interest us.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th Celebration 2009

This evening we enjoyed watching fireworks from our front deck. We are fortunate to look out across Useless bay and down onto the beach, where many bonfires glow in the dark, and fireworks light up the sky and reflect on the still water of the bay. I love the way the fireworks in the photos, have the look of modern pieces of art.

Bunny update

As requested, here is more on our little rabbit. We decided to make a little video so you can see for yourself how cute our little friend is. It was his/her left eye, which had been injured somehow, and was badly infected. Well we are happy to say, and you can see, that all the infection is gone, and it appears he/she can see out of the injured eye.