Thursday, December 11, 2008

Retirement is very appealing

Yesterday was my first full day back at work since MrC. got sick almost five weeks ago.
I had a nice day with my client, an Alzheimer's patient, who was born in Germany. Towards the end of my day with her, she lapsed into speaking German. Once in a while I would smile at her and say Mrs M, you did not teach me enough German words to understand what you are saying to me. She would smile and continue to speak a few sentences in English, ( which still did not make sense ) then go right back to speaking in German. I would just smile at her, nod my head now and again, and just listen. So went my day, a lot of smiling and nodding of my head.

Mr C is gaining a little more strength and is starting to feel a little better. Sometimes I really wonder about the competency of our health care professionals. I have learned from this experience, that one should not take no for an answer, and be adamant on demanding other treatments. Easy for me to say now, but having never dealt with a situation like we went through, I did not know the ropes, so to speak. Now I know better. If there is ever another situation that needs to be dealt with, then I have to follow my intuition and be demanding, so be it. We were sent a survey to fill out, by the local hospital. They will not be getting a passing grade! The hospital 'over the pond' ( a Kiwi expression, meaning across the water) would get an A+.

I am still buying a lotto ticket once in a while, hoping for the winnings to come my way. I enjoyed staying at home and taking care of my honey and keeping up with the household chores.


NotClauswitz said...

I'm glad to hear Mr. C is doing better and share your concern about the healthcare competency of the "Professionals" who take our healthcare dollars...

Mr. Engineering Johnson said...

There is a reason doctors call what they do "practicing medicine!"

There are some hospitals where you're likely to come out in worse shape than you went in. Once you know it you can be prepared and demand specific doctors, specific tests, etc. But in an emergency sometimes you're just stuck with what you get. Not very comforting, but that just seems to be the way it is.