Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rocket - A tribute

Rocket- 1998- 2/17/2009

Rocket was the most extraordinary cat I have ever had the joy of knowing. He arrived here at Castle Completely, as a very young kitten, in the hands of our dear friend Lorie.

One day, back in 1998, my honey, MrC. who was still feeling very sad due to having lost another kitty, answered a knock on the door, and upon opening it, was surprised when a hand thrust a little black bundle of fur into his hands and a voice said "you need this"

Our friend Lorie, happened to see, someone dump a box of kittens behind a grocery store, she rushed to pick them up, but only managed to catch one, and knew instantly where this scared little kitten would find a loving home, even if the person she planned on giving it to, was saying they did not want another cat

When MrC saw the kitten, he said he really did not want another kitty, but Lorie decided the fate of the kitten right there, by getting into her vehicle and driving off, to leave MrC and the scared little kitten get acquainted.

Mr C says animals usually let
you know what their name should be. Right from the moment the little black kitten arrived at Castle Completely, rather than walking, he ran everywhere, hence the name Rocket.

Rocket had many toys, simple things like a piece of electrical wire he would carry around in his mouth, dropping it where we would have to walk over it. Of course he usually was close by when we would step over his piece of wire, in the hope we would pick it up and toss it across the room or down the hallway, so he could chase after it. To our delight, quite often he would retrieve the wire, and bring it back to us, so we could toss it again. I told you he was an extraordinary cat.

On several occasions, MrC awoke in the middle of the night feeling hungry. The first time it happened, he went out to the kitchen to get himself a snack, and discovered Rocket sitting by his
empty food dish. My honey put food in Rocket's dish, decided he wasn't hungry after all, and came back to bed. The second time it happened we thought perhaps, this kitty was telepathic, the third time it happened we knew for sure. *chuckle* From then on Rocket always had a little food in his dish when we went to bed.

I am sure Rocket looked forward to Christmas, as this was the time the Santa kitty, would bring him his favorite gift, tissue paper. Lots of tissue paper, to roll on, to shred with sharp claws and to play with, until there was nothing left but shreds which seemed to slowly disappear as the weeks went by.

When my honey was so ill last November - December, Rocket spent every day and night sleeping on the bed, close by, watching over him only leaving his side for food, water and potty breaks. This illustrates the bond which grew over the years between MrC and Rocket. They understood each other, Rocket using sounds, what MrC referred to as words, a communication between the two of them you had to see and hear to appreciate.

Rest in Peace

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

I know what you are going through. My cat Brat carries his favorite toy to me every morning while I am drinking my coffee, and it is waiting by the door when I come home in the evening. He also gets me up for a snack every night. They are special.

Anonymous said...

Sending love to you both, I still cry when I think about my cat Tallula and she has been gone years now

Anonymous said...

My deep sympathy - I ahve loved so many, and lost so many - all special, and all missed dearly. My thoughts are with you, from snowy Quebec.

Maria Verivaki said...

how sad - the last cat i was very attached to was the one i left when we sold our house in nz - i dont know what happened to him, and i dont want to think about it either

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of this. Rocket sounds like a most remarkable cat and friend. ((hugs))