Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reno visit part one

Last week we in Reno Nevada for the fourth Gun Blogger Rendezvous, and were gifted with the bonus of seeing the Reno balloon Races.

We were delighted to watch around 100 hot air balloons take to the skies over Reno, Nevada for The Great Reno Balloon Race. Since 1982, this event has attracted visitors from all over.
The Glow Show was on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, but you had to be at the park to view it. At 5am from our bedroom window on the 28th floor of our hotel room, I could see just the tops of a couple of the glowing balloons above the trees in the distance.

At 6:45a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I watched the Mass Ascension of balloons launched from Rancho San Rafael Park.
Among the uniquely shaped balloons I saw at the event this year, were the Energizer Bunny, Smokey the Bear, Tony the Tiger, a Panda Bear, and a stage coach.
I have finally had my wish granted to see a mass of beautiful and unusual shaped balloons quietly drifting against a brilliant blue sky.

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Mary Lou said...

Wow I lived there for three years and never knew they held them.