Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You are a bunch of bullies

I don't know if this cat who often hangs out in warm spots in my gardens is feral, I have my doubts, as it isn't all that afraid of me. Anyhow, it was curled up trying to nap in the sun when I walked by with my camera, taking pictures of flowers in the garden for a blog post. He/she gave me one of those "clear out and let me be, looks" so I went about my business.
Later on, I was spreading fertilizer on the vegetable garden, when I noticed the cat sneaking up towards the rabbits who were eating the food, I had put out for them earlier on in the morning. I had, on previous occasions, seen the cat eating some of the bread I feed the rabbits, and I am sure it was after some of the same. However, this time the rabbits were not going to share, and they hopped towards the cat who turned tail, and beat a hasty retreat.

"Isn't there anywhere a cat can take a nap, without being disturbed?"

"You rabbits really are a bunch of selfish jerks."

1 comment:

Gail Wilson said...

Wow! what brave bunnies...or maybe they are just real hungry!