Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday I dragged suitcases upstairs, sorted clothing and toiletries ready to go into the suitcases, and knew I had everything ready for our trip to California today.
This morning early I had to make a quick run into the grocery store, and when i came back Mr C walked toward me down the hallway and said "I have bad news" my heart dropped, fearing I was going to hear something about family or friends, instead he said that we are supposed to be in California next week, not this week.
Well to make it a short version of the story, Mr C got on the phone, and good fortune smiled on us, and we have seats on the plane for next week, (better seats then before) changed the shuttle taking us to Sea tac to next week, changed the rental car reservation, and called the hotel to check on the days they have us booked. We are really puzzled why the hotel did not question the dates we had booked (11th through 15th) as they offered a group rate to all the folks involved in the Steel Challenge match being held for the week of 18th through 22nd. Duh!
Anyhow the lemons are being made into lemonade, and I will spend time in my garden catching up on chores.

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Gail Wilson said...

It sounds like everything is working our great for the two of you...and also for your wonderful garden. Enjoy your time out there! Gail