Saturday, December 04, 2010

Christmas trees are decorated.

This year we have two trees The one below, and a smaller one which holds mostly vintage decorations. I still have boxes of decorations downstairs, but it definitely would be overkill if I put them all on the tree. I suppose you could say I am a little obsessed with decorations. *grin*

Turn on your sound and you can hear a little of some of the music I like to listen to while relaxing and sipping a glass of wine, while watching the tree slowly turn showing all the decorations.


edtNZ said...

Pretty tree keewee....We only have a tiny tree here, aprox 3 foot high with LOTS of lights. It lives in an old vacume cleaner box in the garage and each year I get it out... its stays pre-decorated...very simple to erect...just plug and go :)

Gail Wilson said...

Keewee, your trees are soooo beautiful! And the decorations are very pretty...such precious treasure you have.
Love you,Gail