Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fast and furious

I checked the weather radar off and on all morning, watching the approaching storm trying to gauge when it will hit this part of the island. I had a very good reason for doing so, as I had a client to visit at 3pm. and did not want to be caught on the roads in the snow storm. At 1pm, I called the office and had them call my client to see if it would be all right with her to come and take care of things at 1:30pm, it was so off I drove.
I worked at breakneck speed all the time glancing out the window at the gathering clouds. By 3:30pm I had done everything I had planned on, like meals being prepared and left in the refrigerator to be easily re-heated, and wood brought upstairs to feed their wood stove.
At 3:35 the first of the hail started to fall and by 3:45 I was on the road driving through wind whipped hail on my way home. I was very happy to turn into our driveway, pull up under the carport and go inside the nice warm house. Around 5pm it started to snow, and it came down very fast. The wind was driving the snow sideways and about 1 1/2 inches accumulated in just about half an hour.
If the forecast is right on, then we are to have plenty of snow this evening, then freezing temperatures Thursday and Friday. I don't have to work tomorrow but do on Friday, but if the roads are slick, I intend of staying off them.


Gail Wilson said...

Boy, you are getting the terrible weather aren't you! I am glad you can stay home if the weather is too bad. Keep safe, love you, Gail

lom said...

Hope everything is OK Keewee, it's been a while.