Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gunblogger Rendezvous 2011...The Best Ever!

Thursday morning we enjoyed a hearty breakfast before carpooling to Cabela's for a guided tour, shopping and browsing this very interesting store. If you were not interested in shooting camping or other outdoor kinds of activities, well then, there was plenty more of interest to see.

The taxidermy is incredible.

This photo of the 'Gun library' taken during our 2008 visit.

Friday morning, as we enjoyed our NRA sponsored breakfast, California firearms attorney, Chuck Michel talked to us.

We all received from Pro Ears, a very nice set of hearing protectors.

Aaron modeling his set of Pro Ears hearing protectors for me.

Molly is thinking of going into law and wanted to ask Alan Gura some questions. Later in the evening, Alan spoke to us of legal matters concerning gun rights, law etc.

After our nice breakfast on Saturday morning, sponsored by Otis Technologies, we all went out to the Pyramid range for an introduction to Steel Challenge Action Pistol shooting.

A quick meeting to outline safety, and how the match is run, then off we all went to have some fun.

Sunday morning after breakfast, we went out for some fun to try our hand at Cowboy Fast Draw.

Quick Cal Eilrich telling us some history about Cowboy Fast Draw, and filling us in on how the match is run.

Milisecond Molly and GG waitng for their revolvers to be loaded.
As you see, we shoot indoors, but the revolvers are loaded with wax bullets, even so, care must be exercised as they are still dangerous and the firearms must be handled accordingly.

Video taken during our Saturday night's 'all you can eat pizza' dinner, and of all the goodies donated

Video of the wonderful prizes donated for our door and raffle prizes to raise money for Valour IT

Pizza, yummmm! and there was more than enough for everyone.

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Gail Wilson said...

It looks like you had a very good time! What fun!