Thursday, December 08, 2011

Whoohoo, yahoo, yippee, backflips and all that!

My honey Mr C does not have cancer. He went on Tuesday to the doctors to hear the results of the biopsy done on the previous Tuesday, and no cancer was found.
You can read more on MR Completely's blog

I am now able to fully enjoy my vacation in New Zealand with out wanting to be in two places at once. I am staying at Amaryllis House ( a home specially for people with Huntington's Disease) with my daughter, and am being treated so well by everyone, it is just like one big happy family.
I have been on two rides when they take three or four of the residents for a ride, checked out the local mall, and will attend a Christmas concert on Monday, and a Christmas party next Thursday. So many fun things to do.
The computer at Amaryllis House is only available for use when the manager is there, and as she is so busy I hate to intrude, so I walk 10 minutes to this little local library to use their computer.
Well that is all for now, I am going to walk in the sunshine back to Amaryllis house.


Gail Wilson said...

Oh sweetheart, that is such wonderful, fantastic news!! I am so happy for Mike. I can almost hear both of you and your great big sigh of relief!!! I am so glad you can now enjoy the rest of your well deserved vacation. Have fun!!
Love you, Gail

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am to hear your good news about Mike, WOW!!!! I certainly hope you celebrated with a glass of good red!!!! Don't worry about not getting to a computer (just read that on FB) just enjoy with your daughter, brothers and friends. We wanna wish you a wonderful Christmas and a lovely time for as long as your stay allows in NZ. Looking forward to your next post on blogger or FB. Take good care dear friend, lotsa love and hugs GINCO

cassie-b - carol scott said...

Yea!!! Way to go Mr. C.

edtNZ said...

Woot!!...great news about Mr C, enjoy your travels Keewee. Regards.