Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Pro ears ReVo

I am a petite woman who had been using Pro Ears Dimension Plus hearing protectors, but found they Were too large for my small head.
I now use Pro Ears ReVo, which is a custom built electronic version of the passive model, intended for youth, women, or those with a smaller head size.
I chose the design, Blue Cosmic, which I felt is more in keeping with my age, but there are
many other cool designs and colors to choose from.
The ReVo custom model fit snug over my ears, has an easily adjustable head band, and the
electronics are outstanding.
The electronics enable me to listen to a conversation away from the shooting line, then when I am on the line ready to shoot, they allow me to hear the range officer’s commands clearly and very effectively muffle the gunshots.
I highly recommend the ReVo with electronics for women who have a small head size, who are serious shooters concerned about protecting their hearing.

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