Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 4th photos

We are fortunate to live in a home overlooking Useless Bay Whidbey Island, and on July 4th every year, we are treated to a wonderful fireworks display. The folk who live in the homes down on the beach,always put on a spectacular show, so we can sit back with a drink and some snacks and simply enjoy all the sights and sounds as families celebrate the 4th of July.

Early evening, and the first of a spectacular display

All this beauty seen from our front deck

Looking down at Useless Bay Whidbey Island WA

Oooooh! aaaaah!

Photo taken from my chair in the living room

Wow! do you see that?



betty-NZ said...

I miss the fireworks. Thanks for sharing yours.

Gail Wilson said...

You are so lucky to see the beautiful display right from your home. Wonderful!!