Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gun Blogger Rendezvous fund raiser

As usual, we all had a grand time at the annual GBR, but just having fun is not all there is to the GBR.  The event is also a fundraiser with all we manage to raise being given to Soldier's Angels/Project Valour IT to purchase voice activated computers for military personnel who have injuries which no longer able them to physically use a computer keyboard. . Even though we did not raise as much as we did last year, we did raise enough for about 10 voice activated laptop computers to be given to injured military personnel.

Miss Molly 'sweet talking' cash out of the guys for raffle tickets.

"that's it Mr C , buy a couple more" says Liz

Just a fraction of the wonderful prizes donated for our fundraiser raffle.

Bretton, Molly, Mr C

And...The next winner is!

A whole lotta holster and gun for a petite young lady.
A big Thank you to all who participated, all who donated prizes for our raffle, all who sponsored some of our meals. We had a grand time and can hardly wait to do it all over again next year.


betty-NZ said...

What a wonderful cause to raise funds for. It makes me proud to know there are those that care enough to do such things for those who gave so much of themselves.

Guns said...

Such an amazing gesture you have shown here,I am really impressed, well done and keep it up.