Monday, January 07, 2013

How many were on the tree?

When I was a kid, we did not have a Christmas tree, because the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, we left on our annual vacation. I am now making up for lost time, by having the most gorgeous decorated tree tree I can manage. 
I don't know how many more years I am going to be able to have such a large tree, 7' tall, as it is heavy, even in three sections, to bring upstairs and set up, and that is with the help of Mr C.
This year, as I stood and looked at the tree once it was covered in Christmas finery, I wondered how many decorations I had placed on it, so I decided to count them as I took them off, which I did yesterday.
There were 428 decorations, and I still did not have all I own on the tree.
Perhaps this year I will deck out the tree with all the decorations I own *grin*


betty-NZ said...

THAT would be a sight to see! Be sure to post us some photos next Christmas.

Anti Money Laundering said...

Wow, i can imagine how beautiful it is, and yeah post your photos next Christmas.