Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Gladys (Glady) C Kelly
JULY 7 1922 - SEPTEMBER 1 2006

Mum, thank you for all you taught me. Thank you for letting me play in the garden with you, for I now have a love of gardening as you and your mother before you did. Thank you for my two wonderful brothers.

We miss you.


edtNZ said...

Big day here in New Zealand tomorrow!!
NZ play South Africa in the Cricket World cup. GO NZ!!! I bought two 650mil bottles of Heineken beer for the occasion and me mam and I will watch the game on PRIME TV. TV coverage has been terrible, had to listen to the radio for important games.
Hope to see you blogging again soon?
Regards from New Zealand from edt and his mam.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

M. hope we win. I am about burned out on blogging, I have been keeping up on Face book though.
You and your Mam enjoy the game and the beer. cheers