Monday, October 01, 2007

A little range time, and some sight seeing.

Both Saturday and Sunday, MrC and I spent time at CWSA range. Saturday was a bowling pin match where I timed in rather well, but unfortunately was knocked out early on when I came up against one of the best shooters in the club.
Sunday was a falling steel plate match, which is one of my favorites. I did rather well in placing 5th with Chris.
After the match on Sunday we decided to drive north as far as Burlington so MrC could go to Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up more ammunition as the price is going up soon.
I decided to take my camera along, to take shots of Whidbey Island to take back to New Zealand with me in November as I want my family to see this beautiful part of the world I am living in.

On the way home we pulled into a parking area so I could take pictures of Deception Pass bridge which you have to cross, to get to and from the northern tip of Whidbey Island.
To say this bridge is spectacular is an understatement. You can get an idea how far above the water and how large a structure it is, just by comparing the size of vehicles crossing the bridge with the structure and the drop into the water below.

We drove down through the quite lovely Deception State Park to the North Beach where we walked the beach and viewed the bridge from below. I was imagining the work which went into the construction of this beautiful bridge over the treacherous waters below.

Two trees cling to a huge rock on the shore, framing the log strewn beach.

Even though it had been raining, and there was a very cool breeze blowing, our exploration of this lovely place was most enjoyable, and all without the summertime crowds of tourists and people on holiday.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautifully rugged place. And what a spectacular bridge. I too wonder how it ever came to be (the bridge, that is :-) )

Mary Lou said...

It is my favorite part of the island, I would go down to North Beach every day when I was able to walk that path down the bluff!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Great pics, as usual!

See you at the Rendezvous!!