Sunday, December 09, 2007

Where did they go?

I feel as though I have lost a few days this week. Is this because I am growing older, or did I forget what I have been doing to fill the days? *chuckle"

On Tuesday MrC and I spent a whole day up at Coupeville, in court, before a judge concerning our property. Wednesday we were so wiped out by this experience we had to rest, though I did whip up the first trial Pavlova for the Fishin' Club's Christmas party to be held on Friday night. I had forgotten that the weather does effect how a Pavlova turns out. If the day is damp, as it was, Pavlovas are inclined to spread out on the cookie sheet, and my first attempt came out looking like a manhole cover. *groan*

Thursday, I whipped up another Pav. darn if that one was just about the same, *double groan* Hmmmm! what can I learn from this? Cook them in a Springform pan. Yes, that's it, ( light bulb moment) This was the right decision as the third Pav turned out just as it should.
Now what to do with the two manhole covers? well eat them of course. MrC was only too happy to help dispose of two, tasty, but albeit flat Pavs that I had to stand aside, or be run over as he made a rush for the kitchen after I told him the Pavlovas had to be eaten. You know I had to help him, old sweet tooth that I am.

Friday I made a Lemon Cheesecake to take to the party, as you can never have too many desserts.

Lemon Cheesecake on the left, and a perfect Kiwi topped, Pavlova beside it, on the right.

Saturday, and today, Sunday I am resting ( and dieting, nuff said)


Ginco said...

Pavlova, that's a deadly sin! But did you say Lemon Cheesecake, I'm beyond any help!
Oh Keewee, you've managed to make me drool all over my computer - I sure hope Mr. C was alright after eating all the pavlova.
Isn't it amazing what they pack away?!?!

Mary Lou said...

I sure hope you all were able to stop that developer! Sadly I doubt that you can. Money seems to rule these days, and there are already so many empty not-selling homes. Yeah, let's build even MORE mcMansions to destroy the farm land! ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Yum!! All of those goodies look sooo good! I too, look forward to my baking mistakes such as coookies that some how "break" when I am icing them or putting them in the cookie jar. Gosh, someebodies got to eat the broken might as well be me!!

Anonymous said...

how can they build across your land? wouldn't they have to buy the land from you?

Simply Coll said...

I have never had Pavlova.. but would love to try it. It sounds simply delicious.