Monday, January 28, 2008

Some may call it pretty

I am one of them, if I am inside looking out, and I do not have to drive on the slick roads.

Yesterday we drove down to Allyn and were concerned about the weather conditions. The "weather man" was telling us to expect snow, but lucky for us the only snow we saw was a very short snow shower while we were indoors late in the afternoon. By the time we left to drive home there were patches of blue sky and the roads were clear and dry.

This morning, it is a different story. There are about 2 inches of fresh snow and I am supposed to drive up the Island to one of my clients home, which just happens to be on an extremely steep road. I have called in and have been told we will delay two hours, but to call into the main office at 11am to see what decisions have been made for travel today. I am not all that happy about driving on steep slick roads and would just as soon stay safely at home.

This evening, MrC had planned on taking me out for my Birthday dinner, but we will put that on hold until the roads are clear.

If you are like us here on Whidbey Island, and HAVE to be out on the slippery roads, PLEASE be very careful, and watch out for the idiots who do not know how to drive in these conditions.


mistaya's M.O.M. said...


Phyllis said...

Hey, I was out training 5 new drivers in this snow today! Did you see us drive by? Whew!

Maria Verivaki said...

Hey, it's raining hailstones today, and I didn't bother to gt up when the alarm clock rang, and I didn't take my children to school, and I didn't go to the bank for a pre-arranged appointment. I think it's because I'm an aquarian like you, and I must admit, you could replace the word 'Whidbey' with the word 'Crete' in the last paragraph of this post, and hey presto, the advice would be the same kind that I would give out to anyone deciding to drive in the conditions that prevail today in Hania!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Keewee.

We have snow forecast for the weekend, I don't have to go out to work in it, so I can just enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Many happy returns of the day Keewee! !
That snowy picture is indeed very pretty, but you are wise to enjoy it from the safety of your home instead of getting into deep trouble on a slippery road.
Hope you had a GREAT day!

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