Sunday, August 03, 2008


As if I didn't have enough to do already.
I was so taken with the lovely dried flowers, a friend had embellishing her photo albums, that I just had to try this project for myself, especially when I discovered how easy and inexpensive, it was to make the press.

With the help of MrC, ( well truth be known, he did most of the construction) I now have the flower press made, and the first four layers of flowers and a couple of ferns pressed between cardboard and a moisture wicking paper. Next Sunday I will undo the wing nuts and reveal the dried flowers.
I have not yet decided how I will use the dried flowers, ferns and leaves, but I will have a collection which should keep me amused during the cold days of winter.
When at the thrift store the other day, I found a plastic case which used to hold a child's set of art supplies, and I thought it would be just the thing to store the flowers in layers between parchment paper, until I use them.
They tell me that you should have plenty of hobbies when you retire, so this can be my "getting the feeling of retirement, practice." *grin*


Anonymous said...

I want to see them when you get them out,

theres a little something on my site for you


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,
When you do retire, time has a way of just 'flitting' away, and you'll wonder where does the time all go. The 'Hobby' you may have in mind ( Seems there are a bunch, if I say so myself.), they get lost in the 'everydays'of just keeping up! I wonder how I EVER had time for work!!!

Maria Verivaki said...

i hope you include some photos when you do use the pressed flowers

a friend recently introduced me to the art of stamping - another lovely hobby. it isn't exactly cheap, but you can make it cheaper by using recycled materials rather than made to order specialised cut outs

Maria Verivaki said...

and i do envy you when it comes to being retired!