Monday, August 11, 2008


These last couple of weeks have been a busy time for us. On Wednesday morning we catch the shuttle which will take us to Sea tac to catch our flight to Burbank. We will pick up our rental car then drive to Valencia, about half an hour, where we check into our hotel for a four days stay.
MrC and I were there last year about this time to shoot in the World Steel Champion Match, that is, MrC shoots in this one, I find it all rather overwhelming being around "the best in the word" and elect not to shoot.
I sure hope the weather is not as warm as it was last year. I do not do well when the temperatures are 100+ F.
Keewee's Garden has been planted with some vegetables for fall/winter harvest, and the watering system I recently installed, works perfectly. It sure saves time standing around with a hose in hand, doing the job manually.
Today, after I arrive home from work, I need to focus on getting the clothes I plan on packing, organized. I will have to take several outfits to change into, as being out in that heat all day, I get all hot and sticky and clean fresh clothes are a must. Beside it feels so good to have a nice long shower, then put on dry clean clothes after we return from a day at the range.

I hope to do a little posting on our adventures from Valencia, but I am not promising this will happen.

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