Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A wonderful relaxing weekend

On Friday the ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend, was about 20 minutes late leaving, so we did not arrive at the Scenic Beach campground until around 2pm. We pulled nose in to site number 28 ( according to directions it was a back-in site) but our rig is small enough to do it the other way, and proceeded to set up camp.

As we meandered through the campground looking for our site, we noticed that practically every site had a reserved card on the site number post, leading us to think it would probably be a very busy/noisy weekend. Later that evening, my honey and I wandered around the campground and noticed, there were still many of the reserved sites unoccupied, which we could not understand, as the weather was unusually warm for this time of the year. Saturday morning, as we left the campground, to drive to the Fun Steel Match were were going to shoot in, they were still unoccupied. We thought,with any luck, when we return later that afternoon, it would still be nice and quiet. It was, so we enjoyed the peace and quiet for two whole days.

This young rabbit has some kind of neurological disease, as he is very unsteady on his feet, and keeps falling over. I have been hand feeding him peas from my vegetable garden. Yesterday he had propped himself up against the gate into the garden waiting for me to come outside and give him his treats. Poor wee guy, I feel so sorry for him as his appetite is healthy it is just his body which is failing, and I know he will not be able to outrun any predator. One day I know he will be gone, never to return for his handful of sweet juicy peas.

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Maria Verivaki said...

poor rabbit, i do feel for him too