Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am a scaredy cat

Well perhaps not a scaredy cat, just more cautious.

Due to our nasty weather I have worked just Tuesday of this week. Then we were snowed on again, the temperatures dropped and the roads became very icy.

Yesterday, I had just one client so before deciding to cancel, I called around, and the consensus of opinion seemed to be, "yes the roads are slick in places, but you should be able to get to where you are going"
Dang! why didn't I just call the office and cancel. There are other workers who will go out in such dangerous (in my opinion) conditions. After getting bundled up in my warmest coat, hat, gloves and boots and running the car to get it toasty, I set off.

I was about a quarter of the way to my client's home before it crossed my mind, I should not be on these roads, but I had made the commitment, and kept on driving.
I should have paid more attention to what MrC. had told me about his, quarter of a mile drive from the house, to mail out a couple of packages. He said he had almost turned sideways on a slick spot, but of course as he says about me "when you have made up your mind to do something, then you are pretty well set on going ahead with your plans" Oh! how right he is. When I have made up my mind to do something, then I do it. I will say, in my defense, yesterday I had already told my boss I will go out to help my client if I could start an hour earlier, and leave before it was dark. I would have felt really foolish canceling so soon after confirming my attentions to go, and at the time, I was feeling confident that I could drive there and back.

Anyhow, I did get to my client's home in one piece, to find her daughter was there helping out, so there was not too much for me to do. Her daughter asked if I would stay and be with her mother long enough for her to go to the grocery store and back. When the daughter returned she insisted I go back home before the roads became worse as the temperatures dropped. I was only too happy to bundle up once again and drive home.

Yes I did drive to and from my clients home, but was a white knuckled, tense, heart pounding drive, one I wish I had not experienced. The roads were rutted with ice, very slick in places and the drivers who were driving way too fast for these conditions, made me very nervous. Just one bad decision by these impatient drivers and there could have been a wreck. A couple of times I pulled over and let the guys in the large four wheel SUV's go by and hoped I would not come across them up the road in an accident.

I have learned my lesson, if in doubt, then trust your instincts, stay home. As my honey reminded me, a paycheck is not worth a wrecked car, or worse, ending up in the hospital or dead.


Maria Verivaki said...

very wise advice - i hate driving when i know the conditions are bad

Anonymous said...

Your hubby is right