Sunday, December 28, 2008

I love surprises

This morning as I went out the door to take some garbage out to the dumpster, I noticed two boxes which had obviously been delivered earlier. I called to MrC and said "there are a couple of boxes out here, thinking they were filled with computer parts he had been waiting for. I continued on out to dump the garbage, and when I came back into the house, MrC said " you gotta come and see this." He had opened one of the boxes and to my delight it was not computer parts, instead a lovely gift basket from Wine Country gift Baskets.

This beautiful basket of Pear Blossom products was for me.

The card read, A little something for Keewee.
Thank you for taking care of Mr Completely!
From the Gun Bloggers.

My honey then proceeded to open the other box and there was a very nice gift in it for him.

A Get Well gift basket for MrC.

In this gift basket was a fabulous collection of goodies and games, sent by several of our Gun Blogger friends. Not a round of ammo or gun related merchandise in sight *grin*

Thank you to our Gun Blogger friends for the very thoughtful gifts.
I was about to go and buy some more lotions as I was almost out, so the basket of Pear Blossom products arrived just at the right time. I am sure Mr Completely is going to enjoy all the goodies in his basket and I will have to teach him to play dominoes, *chuckle* which is one of the games in the basket.

HERE is MrC'S telling of the story.


Maria Verivaki said...

how sweet! keep warm during the cold!

Mary Lou said...

Wow! what a nice surprise! How is Mr. C doing now? with all your tlc he must be healty as an ox!

Anonymous said...

What alovely thought

steve said...

I am glad Mr C is getting back to "normal" if there is ever such a thing but nice to see he is up and about. both of you keep well and have a great New Year.