Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas to me Hrrumph!!

I bought myself a new water pump for my car. *grin*

At least I can count my blessings, that the offending part made noise before breaking, and I was able to get my car into the mechanis
so he could check out the noise, to determine what was pakarued.( kiwi for, broken, worn out) I would have been really, really brassed off,(annoyed) if the water pump had broken when I was way out in the wop wops with no way to let anyone know of my distress. I do not have a cell phone, but am thinking that now I have a job, which requires being out on back roads, it may be a good idea to have one. Perhaps a prepaid phone would be useful to use if I should be in an emergency situation. Although on this island, there are dead zones, so this is also a consideration - just how useful would a cell phone be? Sighhhh!! there is always something to make one ponder the remedy.

All our snow had melted away, leaving the outside world dirty looking. I am not a huge fan of snow, except for the fact that everything it covers, looks so clean and fresh, and the muffled sounds of daily outdoors life is quite pleasant to the ear. I must admit that it is enjoyable driving on roads which are now just wet instead of slick with ice.

I am working five days a week, 4 to 6 hours daily, which is just fine with me. This semi-retirement is nice as I am able to get more done at home. I have been working on getting some painting done in the laundry/mud room before we put our new freezer in there. I considered for a while, doing the painting later on, but decided how foolish that would be to have to move a heavy freezer, full of frozen foods, just to paint the walls surrounding it, in the small alcove. Nothing quite like making life for yourself easier, in the first place. Is this called growing wiser/smarter with age?

Come back to Keewee's Classroom, to learn more Kiwi slang, in future posts.

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Maria Verivaki said...

thanks for reminding me of my kiwi slang - it's been in recession for a while
happy new year!