Monday, January 26, 2009

Chore day

At last, a beautiful clear sunny day, but too cold to play out doors, so I will be spending my day off, catching up on all the house work, which has been let go, while I finished up a project. Yesterday I completed painting the kitchen, and I must say, I am pleased with the results. A post, with pictures will be coming up.

Thanks to my friend Linda, Dirt Roads.

Some of you, may have never experienced Dirt roads, but to us who have, this is pretty neat.

Click HERE: DIRT ROADS (scroll down to read)


Anonymous said...

loved the poem

Mary Lou said...

LOOK!!! SUN!!!! I wonder if it will last? I better not stick my head out, I will scare it away!!!

Anonymous said...

Great shot Linda. And I'm anxious to see the pictures of your completed project. I'm slogging along, and cleaning the cabinets in the kitchen. Not nearly so adventuresome.