Monday, January 05, 2009

Through the garden gate....part one

During my visit to New Zealand a couple of years go, I did quite a lot of walking around different neighborhoods of Palmerston North, the city where I grew up.
It is evident that Kiwis still like to take care of
their properties, and many, or most people have very nice gardens.

As I wandered along the streets I would stop and stand at the entrance of many of the homes, gazing at the gardens, lovingly tended by the hands of someone who lived in the house at the end of the driveway.

Not a leaf out of place on this neatly trimmed boxwood hedge.

This Pohutukawa , gracing the side garden of someone's home,was in full bloom.

The Pohutukawa, is sometimes called the Bottlebrush tree, for obvious reasons.

What a nice shady place to spend a warm summer's afternoon or evening.

I wonder who lives in the home behind this attractive gate.

Another little oasis of green.

Everything is so beautifully taken care of.

It is no surprise that I have a passion for gardening, after being born and raised in a country where gardening is so enjoyed, and it didn't hurt, to have grandparents and a mother who were avid gardeners, and taught me much of what I know about plants and gardening.


Maria Verivaki said...

lovely memories

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gardens!! Makes me yearn for spring.

Janet Whitesell said...

Thank-you for sharing those pictures. I spent three years in New Zealand back in the '70s and have many fond memories. Indeed, the loving care that kiwis put into their gardens is part of their cultural heritage. I especially remember a garden next door that had been abandoned but still produced an abundance of "string beans" which I ate raw. As a child I still felt guilty about "snitching" from someone's garden even though there was nobody there.