Sunday, March 22, 2009

Talk about the cat that got the cream!

As a caregiver, I am privileged to work for some wonderful people. This particular woman and I became very close, but unfortunately, her circumstances changed, and she was no longer able to live in her own home.
During the many hours spent in the company of this person, I learned a great deal about her life and the history surrounding many of her treasures in her home.
A few days ago, it was advertised that the family was going to have a real estate sale of my dear friend's possessions. There was one particular object I was hoping to buy as a remembrance of this lovely lady. Last night I tossed and turned all night just worrying someone else would see what I had my heart set on. I tried to tell myself to get over it, but this particular piece of art was something I had always admired.
8:30am this morning, found me waiting, along with many others for the door to open announcing the start of the sale. As I entered the house, my heart did a flip flop as I saw right there by the sale table, the object I coveted. Immediately I asked the woman who was ringing up the purchases if I could please put a hold on the object while I looked around. A sold sign was placed on the statue and I continued browsing.

Here she is. Quan Yin a beautiful 22 inch high statue.
I admired her from the first time I saw her in my friend's home, and what better remembrance of my friend than something she loved too. Quan Yin is going to be in a place of honor in one of my gardens where I will see her and remember all the special times shared with my friend.

Not only did I come home with my Quan Yin, but all the other Indian and oriental statues I liked.

The lovely lady on the left is made of bronze and is very heavy, the one on the right, appears to be made of resin, although it is also rather heavy for it's size.

The lovely couple of the left looks as though they are ivory, but of course are not, they are probably made of resin. The little guy in front, I thought was made of resin, but appears to be carved from some kind of stone. I think it could be sandstone. Hotei, who is sitting on the stand, also brings some special memories. Every time I arrived at the house, I would rub his tummy for luck. If you click on the picture, you will see that there is a penny tucked on the right side of Hotei's tummy. You can imagine my surprise and delight, to find the penny still there as Hotei sat on a shelf waiting for a buyer. I just knew I had to have him too.

And of course, I could not leave this charming couple behind. They are made of porcelain.

In the second picture from the top, you will notice all the statues are flanked on either side, by two planters. Being the avid gardener I am, I had to have these too. Naturally, on the way home from work this evening, I stopped by the garden center for some pretty flowers to fill the planters. Oh boy what fun I had. I am still smiling from ear to ear with a feeling of satisfaction and delight, with my purchases of special memories.

I have a post up over on Keewee's Garden, showing the planters and how pretty they look all decked out in their new finery.


Mary Lou said...

and you came home broke! LOLOL Good selection though

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

How lucky you are to bring home so many of you friends treasures. They are all so beautiful and will bring wonderful memories and charm to you already lovely garden.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection! What an auspicious buy. I'm sure your friend would be happy to know that they are now yours.