Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The birdhouse fairy came by

On Tuesday evening, my honey opened our front door and I heard him say something about bird houses. As I looked out the door to ask what he was talking about, I saw the four bird houses neatly lined up along the edge of the top step. We were both very puzzled as to where they came from, neither of us had heard anyone knock on the door. The only person I thought would leave this nice gift, would be my gardening friend, and partner in crime, Lorie. I called their home and when her husband answered, I asked if anyone at their house knew anything about four bird houses left on our front porch. He denied knowing about them, but finally admitted, yes, his wife had left them there. She thought they would go with all the others which hang along the front of the carport.

I truly have the greatest friends. Thanks Lorie.


Ginco said...

What a lovely gesture from your friend, she should have stood behind the tree with her camera 'cause I think the surprise on your face was that big!! :-)

Ginco said...

I just read your tribute to Rocket - I am so sorry to hear that he's gone! Losing a beloved animal is always so hard, simply because they're part and parcel of the family. :-)

cassie-b said...

What a great collection. And what a nice friend.


lom said...

how lovely