Thursday, May 21, 2009

We are here in Amsterdam

Hi folks, If I don't make a whole lot of sense, it is because I am running on no sleep for close on 27 hours, coffee, apple strudel and pot. *chuckle* I suppose I had better explain myself.
We arrived at our hotel very early this morning, and bless them, they had our room ready for us. We checked into our room and lay down for a very short nap, which was not much for me as I do not sleep during daylight hours, then we went strolling the streets. It is quite something to walk around and smell mariuhana (sp) coming from some of the coffee shops. Mr C. says I am not supposed to take a deep breath as I walk by, I said "really, why not?*laughing.*
We took an hour long canal boat tour which was fantastic, and I clicked happily along with my camera, so I should have many pictures for show and tell. On the way back to the hotel we bought some of the best home made icecream I have ever tasted. good thing my jeans were a little large on me before we started out on this adventure.
That is all for now, we really need to get some rest.


Drang said...

Well, see, when you come home Customs is going to hand you a bottle and tell you to "Fill 'er up!" VBEG

Ginco said...

I absolutely agree with Mr. C that you shouldn't sniff the air too in-tensively, Heee heee, all that "pot" floating in the air, it's enough to make anyone "high"
Have a great time and enjoy all the sights, sounds AND smells of Holland. LOL!!

Wim Dieke said...

Hmmmm, you did not tell me you were blogging also you naughty girl....

Good trip home wishes from your designated driver in pot country.

lom said...

So now we have one very chilled Keewee. hee hee