Friday, November 27, 2009

Can you guess

What this building, located in a school yard, was used for?

To get started with posts on my New Zealand visit, I decided to begin with a little bit of interesting information. I know readers from New Zealand, would perhaps recognize the little building, those from other countries , probably not.

Waaay back, when I was a child attending school, there were occasions when a student who had just finished a visit to this little building, would come to our classroom bringing the
dreaded news that your presence was expected post haste, in the ....... DENTAL CLINIC!!!!!
Ohhhh how I remember those days. The chill which descended upon me when my name was called to go to the dental clinic. I still remember the drill, which was driven using a foot pedal, not like the electric high speed machines of today, so it seemed to a youngster like myself, that if the dental nurse did not keep the speed constant, the drill would slow down causing all kinds of nasty sensations.
One positive I do remember from my visits to the 'house of horrors' was the small bribe gift the dental nurse would give us for being brave. It was usually a simplified doll, butterfly or some kind of creative object, made from one of those small log shaped pieces of cotton, used to stuff inside your cheek, or between gum and lips, to keep the area being worked on dry.
The photo of the now boarded up dental clinic, was taken as I strolled past a school during my visit to New Zealand.


edt said...

Welcome Home...glad you had safe travels. The picture of the dental clink doesnt show here. Regards from NZ

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

edt, I don't know why you can't see the picture. I checked internet explorer and it came up. Do you have dial-up? and perhaps it did not load by the time you read the post.

edt said...

Broadband here. Can see the picture now?..odd

cassie-b said...

That's new to me.