Sunday, November 01, 2009

Have You Ever

Had One Of Those Days?

Where you felt compelled, to tell someone what you really think of them.

I recently had the misfortune to be an onlooker in a situation where a person, had quite obviously input some wrong information into their computer, which in turn screwed up all their inventory, and the person insisted it was the program or PC's fault WHAAAAT??????
The PC and program was changed out for a whole new system, but still, this person would not listen to the individual trying to help them, instead the person, insisted that all they did ( whiny voice) was enter in the relevant information for the day, and nothing else. Yeh right! They only way things could have gone wrong was by operator error.
I have condensed the story as there is a whole lot more to the picture, but you get the idea. There are folk out there who would rather walk on hot coals than admit that perhaps they had made an error. Sheesh!
A quote from someone I hold dear "you can't argue with stupidity"
You would have been proud of me as I really, really, wanted to tell the "stupid one" to shut up and listen. Well at least that is the ladylike version. *grin*

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Gail Wilson said...

I am proud Keewee, for holding your temper with that person. It is hard to overhear a stupid person be so rude to a clerk that can't say what they really want. We've both been in that situation WAY TO MANY TIMES ourselves. If we could just say what we know we really should say to such people!