Saturday, January 23, 2010

It will get done - eventually

This is what our living room looks like right now.

As I was taking all the Christmas decorations off the tree, I decided it was time to re-organize the way I had previously had them stored, and to go downstairs and drag all the other boxes of Christmas "stuff" up to the living room to see what I have.
Oh my! I didn't remember having so much, and there is also Mr C's family Christmas "stuff" from years gone by to go through.
So far, the boxes on the right of the coffee table have been filled, and labeled, and have ' themed' decorations in each box, angels, glass icicles, animals, etc. which will help me locate what I am looking for without any fuss, which had been the case in the past.
I still have to pack more very fragile glass decorations Mr C's mom collected. I found more of these in a box during one of my forays into the storage room downstairs, and even though the decorations are very fragile and beautiful, and I am hesitant about using them, I don't want to toss them away as they hold special memories for Mr C. and who knows, they may be valuable some day.
There are still boxes (on the left) filled with wrapping paper, tissue, table cloths, etc. to be gone through and placed in new clean boxes, labeled and placed back downstairs. Of course, before carting all those boxes downstairs, I have to rearrange the storage room. I am sure you all know about one project leading to another.
All this is taking time, as I still work, so I try to do a little each day in between shifts, or in the evenings, if I am not too tired from working all day.


Gail Wilson said...

Hey! that's jsut what our living room looked like just a few weeks ago. I too, decided to reorganize our Xmas decor so it would be easier next Xmas. Found lot's of things I had forgooten about. Good luck with your sorting too!

cassie-b said...

I think about organizing Christmas things better, but each year put it off till next year.


lom said...

I did mine a few weeks before putting them up. It must be something in the air